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Section 8 Company Registration


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Section 8 Company Registration

Online Section 8 Company Registration in India at just Rs. 8999/- (all inclusive)

The Government of India has always supported the upliftment of art, culture, society and religion through its various schemes and policies.  In regard to this, the Government of India has introduced the concept of Non-Profit Organisations which are also known as Section 8 companies. The Section 8 Company is incorporated just like any other company but is having some benefits over other types of companies such as no minimum capital requirements, no stamp duty charges on its incorporation, easy company law compliances and many more such benefits. The objective of Section-8 company is to promote the activities like sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, or any such other object and should apply its profit if any, or other income in promoting its objectives and prohibits the payment of any dividend to its members.

Vakilgiri a leading Business Consultant, offering quick Section-8 Company Registration Service in India with five simple steps:

1) First and foremost, we will apply for your Digital Signature Certificate and Director Identification Number.

2) Choosing a Unique Name for your Company.

3) Compiling Forms, Documents, AOA & MOA of your Company.

4) Filing e-forms with MCA.

5) Allotment of COI, PAN and TAN

After this, you can open a current bank account with the Certificate of Incorporation and begin your business operations.

Features of Section 8 Company

Features you can't resist

Separate Legal Entity

Just like any other company, Section 8 Company, its directors and shareholders are distinct persons and have a separate identity. Thus, their liabilities in the company are limited to the shares of the company held by them.

Easy to change owners

It is simple to add or remove Directors or Shareholders in Section 8 Company. The cost for such actions is also very nominal and is easy to execute.

No Profit Motive

The best thing about incorporating as Section 8 Company is that the company cannot distribute its profit or assets to its members thus ensuring the correct utilization of the fund.

Promotion of Socio-Economic welfare

Section 8 Company is incorporated with the objective to promote sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, etc., which will ultimately help in the upliftment of the socio-economic welfare of the country.

No Minimum Capital Requirement

The Central Government has exempted the Section 8 Company to have any minimum paid-up capital requirement which means, we can start a Section 8 company with nominal amount.

No stamp duty charges

The Central Government has also exempted the Section 8 Company to pay any stamp duty charges during its incorporation which ultimately reduces the cost of incorporation exponentially

Adequate Voting Rights

Section 8 company provide voting rights to the shareholders on the basis of the number of shares held by them. Thus, giving ample opportunity to every member to vote in the important decision-making process.

Minimum Investment

Section 8 Company are cost effective also as there are no stamp duty charges and no minimum capital requirement, as in the case of other companies.

Perpetual Existence

A company has Perpetual Succession, i.e. uninterrupted existence until it is legally dissolved. A company is unaffected by the death or departure of any member but continues to be in existence.

What's Next ?

Documents Required

This is all we need from you


To clear doubts that come to your mind

Section 8 Company can be incorporated with just 2 members acting as the subscriber of its MOA and AOA.

No, Section 8 Company Registration is a fully online process as all the documents and e-forms are to be filed electronically on MCA Portal. You just need to send us scanned copies of all the required documents & forms. So, your physical presence is not required at all.

The DSC is just like your ordinary signature having extra security features like encryption, etc. It enables you to sign the documents like PDF electronically.

MOA & AOA contains all the rules, vision and mission of your Section 8 company, and defines the exact roles and responsibilities of shareholders and directors.

There is no minimum paid-up capital requirements for the Incorporation of Section 8 Company. This means you can start a Section 8 Company with a nominal amount.

Section 8 Companies are made to promote education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, etc., Thus, the basic motive of the Government of India behind introducing Section 8 Company is to promote the above-mentioned activities and not profit-making.

It is mandatory for the Section 8 Company to include the words foundation, Forum, Association, Federation, Chambers, Confederation, council, Electoral trust and the like etc.

Yes, some of the states provide privileged rates for stamp duty on MOA/ AOA of Section 8 Companies or on increase in authorized share capital.

No relaxation of the special rate of stamp duty has been provided by any of the states in respect of stamp duty payable on issue of share certificates by Section 8 Company.

As in the case of other companies, no stamp duty is payable on the transfer of shares, the same is applicable for Section 8 Company also.

No, a foreign company cannot be registered as a Section 8 Company in India.

No. a one-person company cannot be incorporated as section 8 company or cannot convert into a Section 8 Company.

No,  a one-person company cannot become a member of Section 8 Company as a one-person company is not allowed to invest in any securities of any body corporates.

Yes, a Partnership firm or an LLP can become a member of Section 8 Company in its individual capacity.

Yes, a registered Trust can become a member of Section 8 Company.

Yes, a Co-operative society can become a subscriber/ member of a company including Section 8 Company.

Yes, Section 8 Companies can receive contributions from overseas or non-residents provided it has to comply with the Foreign Contribution and Regulation Act, 2010 before it can receive any donations from outside India.

No, Section 8 Companies enjoy limited liability status even without adding the words “Limited” or “Private Limited”.

Yes, Section 8 Company is eligible for the benefits which are provided under the various laws in India such as exemption from GST registration under the GST law, registration under section 12A and 12 AA under the Income Tax Act,1961.

No, Section 8 Company has to separately apply for registration under the various Sections of The Income Tax Act, 1961 to avail the benefits available for organisations engaged in charitable activities under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Check Company Name Availability

Our systems will check availability of your Company Name

Section-8 Company Registration Procedure

More simple than it looks!

Preprations of Digital Signature (DSC)

1st we apply for DSCs of all the Directors & members. Digital Signatures are required for signing all the documents while incorporating your Section 8 company.


Filing Application for Director's DIN

After successful allotment of DSCs of the directors, we will apply for Director Identification Number (DIN). It is the unique number allotted by the MCA to each of the directors of the Section 8 Company.


Choosing Unique Name for your Section 8 Company

Meanwhile applying for your DSCs, we help you in selecting Unique Name for your dream Section 8 Company. This process completes in a single day.


Allotment of COI, PAN & TAN

After obtaining approval from MCA, it will allot COI, PAN & TAN.

Yipee! Company Incorporated 100%

Filing e-forms with MCA

After completing all the formalities and documentation work, we upload e-forms along with the attachments prepared in step-4 on the MCA portal for approval.


Preparing Forms and Documents

On the 2nd day, after the approval of the Company’s name, we prepare all the e-forms and other documents. Some documents need to be signed by you physically.


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Our Incredible Packages


8999/- (all inclusive)
  • Registration within a week
  • Authorised Capital upto 15 lakhs
  • MOA & AOA e-copy
  • 2 DIN & DSC
  • Certificate of Incorporation e-copy
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • Company Common Seal
  • Physical Delivery of all documents


15999/- (all Inclusive)
  • All Gold Features included
  • Authorised Capital upto 15 lakhs
  • Company Common Seal
  • Coloured Printed MOA & AOA
  • Coloured Printed COI
  • Physical Delivery of all documents
  • Professional Informative Website
  • Free 1 year Domain & Hosting
  • On-page SEO, Google Analytics
  • Trademark Registration


22999/- (all inclusive)
  • All Platimun Features included
  • Authorised Capital upto 15 lakhs
  • All Laminated Cerficates
  • Trademark Registration
  • Beautiful Informative Website
  • Free Hosting & Domain
  • Basic On-page SEO
  • Google Analytics & Email setup
  • Website Support for 1 year


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