(Be Vocal for LawCAL)

Vakilgiri is not just an Online platform for one stop solution of all your legal and tax compliances issues, whether it is for corporate or for personal level but it is an idea which will bring revolution in the Legal & Tax Compliance industry of not only just in India but in the world too.

We at Vakilgiri have noticed that in this fast-moving world, where technology is changing every second and opening new innovative ways to earn money every single day. From IT to manufacturing industry, from farming to hospitality industry, every industry is adopting technology to become more and more efficient and effective except for one industry, i.e., India’s Legal & Tax Compliance Industry, this industry which is the back bone of every other industry is still following its age-old techniques with minimum or no technological advancements.

Also, the one problem that attracted our attention the most is the lack of awareness among the general public of India about India’s legal and tax compliances. We all agree that in India, Income tax and GST has now become a part and parcel of each and every family of the country. Even though the legal and tax issues relating to finance faced by every single individual in this country, the professionals with good knowledge and experiences are very few as compared with the general population of this country. The professionals like lawyers, CA & CS are generally not found at remote or small towns of the county which not only creates lack of awareness especially among rural people of the country but also deprive people from benefits of various government policies and schemes.

After examining these two major problems very deeply and thoroughly, we at Vakilgiri have come up with the revolutionizing ideas of bringing transformation in the ways of how India’s legal and tax compliance industry works, and also to create a channel to reach each and every citizen of this country who is facing any difficulty relating to finance, legal, tax issues.


"Be Vocal for LawCAL"

(Ab India ka har gali mohalla banega Vocal for LawCAL, Vakilgiri k saath)

Our Hon’ble PM, Shree Narendra Modi ji has given the motto of

Be Vocal for Local” on 12th May,2020 during his speech on COVID-19 Pandemic, emphasizing on the need on becoming self-reliant India with view of developing the indigenous industries of the country whether it is manufacturing, IT or service industry.

We at Vakilgiri have always upholds the national interest before our personal Interest. And after taking inspiration from our Hon’ble PM of the country, we have designed our slogan in such a manner that it will reflect our intention to not only become a household name in this country with our quality and timely services but to create an environment for self-reliant India, by creating new business opportunities at every part of this country, no matter how remote that area is with the help of technology and our training programs.

Our Slogan: “Be Vocal for LawCAL’’, is chosen by us very carefully, Each and every word signifies our vision and mission properly.

“Be Vocal”, signifies our intention to create awareness among general public of this country about the legal and tax framework of this country. Also, it signifies our intention to provide new business opportunities to the local communities of this country.

“Law in Law-CAL” not only signifies our areas of expert i.e., Income Tax, GST, Companies Act, VAT, Excise, etc. but also our intention to provide knowledge and training to local people of this country irrespective of the fact that they are from finance background or not so that they can, not only earn their livelihood but also help people around them to take every benefit available to them via government schemes and policies.

“CAL in Law-CAL” is actually not a word but an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Learning; Computer-Assisted Learning (As per Cambridge Dictionary). We are all aware of the fact that in order to bring a nationwide revolution, the use of technology cannot be over looked. Also, our own government is now shifting towards digitization and has almost done everything online i.e., from filing of income tax return to booking a gas cylinder, Thus, the use of technology and especially computers will play a vital role in our mission.

Thus, our true motto: “Ab India ka har gali mohalla banega.

Vocal for LawCAL, Vakilgiri k saath” is what we aspire for.


"Be Vocal for LawCAL"

Vakilgiri is one of the Best Online Tax and Legal Consultants in India. Since the inception, we at Vakilgiri has helped over thousands of Young Entrepreneurs and Businessmen to make them dream come true by providing them fast and cost-effective business and firm registration online. We not only helped them incorporate their business but also aided them to run their business smoothly and efficiently by taking care of all the tax and Legal Compliances that are mandatory for a newborn business and firm to bloom. We offer the best online CA Services in India.

During the tough COVID Crisis across the globe, when people came forward to help the needy and by reforming themselves into Social Workers, we at Vakilgiri have helped them in recognizing their good deeds across the globe by providing them efficient IT and Digital Marketing Services along with the online new company registration in India.

If you are the one who wants to register a company online in India or to start a business and firm registration online then you are at the right place. Reach out to us and let us take care of all the arsenal that is required to boost your business as we are the one that offers the best CA for company registration.

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(Ab India ka har gali mohalla banega Vocal for LawCAL, Vakilgiri k saath)

Though, Vakilgiri has never restricted itself with a single vision but has always committed itself with continuous improvement in the field of taxation and legal compliances along with the early adoption of technological advancement with the view to provide hassle free and timely services to its client. Our Vision at Vakilgiri are:

1. To become the world’s largest online platform for taxation and legal compliance.

2. To provide our services to very niche and corner of this world with the same hassle-free experience as one would experience in a metropolitan.

3. Create new business opportunities by imparting knowledge and training at every corner of this

4. To create the world’s largest network of finance.



Having more than 8 years of industry experience, Adv. Mohit Singh is a renowned consultant and the Co-Founder of Vakilgiri Legtech (India) Pvt Ltd. He is a Board of Studies member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India students council. With his witty nature and pool of knowledge, he has consulted thousands of businesses and helped them work as per the Indian Taxation System and compliances.

-Adv Mohit Singh (Co-Founder, Director)

Adv Mohit Singh

He is the Co-Founder of Vakilgiri Legtech (India) Pvt Ltd. With over 5 years of Legal and IT experience, Mr. Karan is the person behind the technical advancement of the company. The current system of Vakilgiri is developed and supervised by him. He has consulted thousands of Businesses making them tech-friendly and innovative thus increasing their revenue generation.

-Mr. Karan Garg (Co-Founder, Director)

Karan Garg

With over 7 years of experience in Marketing & Operations, Mr. Mukul is currently assigned the role of Chief Operation Officer at Vakilgiri Legtech (India) Pvt Ltd and is one of the core team members. He looks after the overall management thus ensuring the smooth running of the company. He is responsible for designing and implementing policies to promote company culture and vision and overseeing operations to keep businesses on track.

-Er. Mukul Garg (COO)

Er. Mukul Garg

He is a FCA, with more than 6Yrs of Experience. His core competency and area of expertise is International/ Corporate Taxation and specializes in all aspects of GST, Excise, Service Tax, Customs, Sales tax/ VAT laws, Free trade/ economic cooperation agreements, anti-dumping duty, foreign trade policy, etc., and carries a blend of industrial and professional experience. He has hands on experience in carrying out diagnostic review of business operations, opinion & advisory services, process review, structuring of business model, litigation services at all appropriate forum.

-CA Yusuf Ali (Advisor)

Yusuf Ali

Mr. Lokendra is a Senior Developer having more than 7 years of experience in the field. He is responsible for designing, testing, and implementing new and updated software programs. He has taken on a managerial role and has led the development team with all software development tasks. His job is to ensure all projects are completed on time and to company specifications.

-Er. Lokendra Shami (MCA, Web Developer)

Er. Lokendra Shami

Mr. Manoj is a Senior Front end developer having more than 8 years of IT experience. His duties include determining the structure and design of web pages, striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design, and ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones and offer the best user experience. He is responsible for directing the development team in the design, development, coding, testing, and debugging of applications.

-Er. Manoj K Sharma (MCA, Web Developer)

Er. Manoj Kumar Sharma
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