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Are you TIRED with your CONVENTIONAL BUSINESSES/ MONOTONOUS JOBS? Aspiring for some MILLION-DOLLAR INNOVATIVE BUSINESS IDEA? Want to have your OWN BRAND/ START-UP in the market? Then, my friend, this is FOR YOU.


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What is Franchise?

Start Earning Handsomely with our Franchisee

Franchise is not a new concept in the market, it is mostly used in manufacturing industries in India. Under White Label, a seller gets manufactured its product from a manufacturer, who is expert in producing such type of products and after purchasing those products from the manufacturer, the seller sells those goods under his own brand name. Thus, with white label, the seller need not to be an expert in producing the product that he sells. The manufacturer will decide everything for the product, from its size to its shape, from its contents to its packaging. The seller has to just sell the final product in the market under his own brand name. The buyer will always believe that the product he purchases is produced by the seller himself and will never have to know about the actual manufacturer of the product.

How Franchise concept works with Vakilgiri?

Start Earning Handsomely with our Franchisee


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As you know, that Vakilgri is the leading institution in India that provides legal & Tax Compliances services in India not only to individuals and professionals but also to large corporate giants. The Vakilgiri is known for its world class and timely services and is also one of the fastest online growing platforms in India in the field of legal and taxation. To fulfill our one of the missions of MISSION2030 which is of creating employment opportunities for 1 Million citizens by 2030, we have come up with the idea of Franchisee in service industry too. Now you can also become a legal and tax professional without having any knowledge of any law. Under our white label, you first have to choose a suitable name for your business and for your website. Then, you only to have to procure the customers who are in need of a finance professional for their any legal and taxation work. After that, you will upload the requisite documents on our portal. This is where your work ends and our will start. We will take care of everything for you. The entire work of the client will be done by our experts in a very systematic and timely manner. The customer will never know that we did the work on your behalf and thus will not only increase the creditability of your own brand but will get you the customer’s loyalty for life time.

Features Of Our Franchise

Features you can't resist

Easy Brand Building

With our world class experts and time bound services, building our own brand will take much less time than traditional business practices.

Don’t have to be an expert

With our Franchisee, even a tea seller or a local vendor can become a legal and tax professional just like any other CA/CS.

Online Training

The Vakilgiri will provide online training from the very basics to advance so that you can find no difficulty while handling your clients.

Easy & Faster access to market

With our experts handling your work efficiently, you can focus exclusively on promoting your brand and procuring customers.

Customers from all over India

With your own website, now, your business will not be limited to local areas just like traditional businesses, but will attract customers from all over India.

Minimum Investment

With our white labels, you can start your work with just a laptop/android mobile phone and an internet connection.

No need for a separate office

With our advance technological support, you can reach customers across India even from your home. Thus, you don’t have to buy/rent space for an office.

Grow Brand by making distributors and retailers chain

Once you receive our white label, you can yourself make your distributors who will then make retailers for procuring clients, all working under your brand name.

Easy commission and profit sharing

With our easy commission and profit-sharing policy, you will find it very easy to handle your distributors and retailers.

How can you get Our Franchise

Irresistible Pocket friendly Packages

A. Get yourself registered with


First you all, you will purchase our Franchisee from The procedure for purchasing our franchise is very simple, you only have to fill the query form, which is given below. Also, after filling this form, you have to upload the documents like a) PAN, b) AADHAAR, c) PHOTO, d) ADDRESS PROOF on our website:

2. Agreement Signing

Once you fill the form and upload the above-mentioned documents, our customer support executive will contact you and will tell you about the terms and conditions and once you agree with our conditions, you can make the payment via NEFT/ IMPS or through our Payment Gateway on our website.

3. Login Credentials

After the payment received by us, the invoice along with other details such as ID and Password will be delivered to you on your registered e-mail id.

B. Welcome to the family, now its time to become our WHITE LABEL PARTNER

4. Login and reset password

After you receive ID and Password on registered e-mail id, you have to login on our online portal (the link of the portal will be provided along with your ID and Password sent on your registered e-mail id).

5. Fill Business Information

Once you login on our online portal, you have to choose your business name carefully. All further promotion and communication will be done using your business name.

6. What we are going to send!

After successfully registering yourself with us on our online portal, we will send you the following material on your registered address:

a) Educational Kit: The kit will contain online classes with material on:

  • How to use our online portal?
  • How to do business- By self or by networking?
  • How to make distributors and retailers to grow business faster?
  • How payment mechanism will work between White Label partner, distributors, retailers and Vakilgiri?
  • How to approach client and what documents are required for various work relating Income Tax, GST, Company Incorporation, DSC registration, Trademark Registration, Copyright Registration, and every other work?
  • What other services provided by Legal CSC?
  • Why to have a website if you are a White Label Partner?

1) Pamphlets: We will provide you pamphlets which will have your own brand name along with other details, such as contact no., mail id., address, etc. so that you can start your business right away with our pamphlets.

2) Broachers: The broachers will be sent to you explaining every thing in detail about our partnership, terms and conditions, business plan, etc.

C. Hey!! WHITE LABEL PARTNER, come now let’s make your website

7. Build Website and Go Global

After successfully completing our training program, you have to make your own website so that your reach should not be limited to your local areas but to all over India.

8. We will help you out with Website

We understand that our every white label partner doesn’t have approach or resources to make his own website. For this, we have a solution. You can get your customized website at your finger tips with very reasonable price. Just click on the below mentioned link and get your own customized website!!


9. Make Clients or Make Distributors

In our Franchise partnership, we will give our partners two options:

OPTION 1: Start procuring client as soon as you receive your pamphlets and broachers.

OPTION 2: Start making your distributors to grow your business 10X times Faster.

10. Learn from our Training Classes

In case you go with the option 1 (Which we usually don’t recommend), you can start procuring clients as soon as you complete your online training. How the work will be done, will be taught to you in our online classes.

11. Make Distributors, Retailers and earn more

If you go with the Option 2, The sequence of the business will be as follows:

  • Make your own distributors under your brand name and get them registered on our online portal.
  • The distributors will then make retailers who will also get registered with us on our online portal.
  • The retailers will be then trained with our online classes and expert mentorship.
  • After completing the training, the retailers will bring customers and will do everything on your behalf.

You only have to sit at your home and everything will be managed by us.

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