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Online Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in India at just Rs. 6999/- (all inclusive)

A Trademark is a unique identity that distinguishes your product or service from others. The unique identity can be a photograph, sound, logo, slogan, word, graphics, etc. If you have a unique idea or logo, then it is essential to protect it as your own unique identity by trademarking it. A registered trademark is your business’s intangible asset. It protects the company’s investment made in the logo or brand.

In India, you can register the trademark under The Trademark Act, 1999. By registering a trademark, you have the right to sue others who tried to copy or use a similar trademark like that of yours. Once you get trademark registration, you can use a ® symbol with your logo which is valid for 10 years from the date of registration. You can easily get a ™ symbol within 2 days, but to get a ® symbol, it may take up to 2 years. You can always get it re-registered for another ten years in case the trademark registration is near expiry date.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Benefits of GST Registration over its cost

Use of ® symbol

After the Trademark Registration, you can use the ™ sign and  ® sign after 1 year on your logo evidencing that it is an enrolled trademark and nobody can use a similar trademark or otherwise you can sue him for their act.

Protection against Infringement

No one can use your registered logo under trademark. The owner of the trademark have the authority to take action under the Act and stop the others doing as such.

Exclusive Rights

The owner of Registered Trademark enjoys the benefit of selective right over the trademark. It gives the authority to prosecute the Copy Cats of the Trademark Registered.

Builds trust and Goodwill

The reputation of your business is known by everybody through the trademark as it builds the trust and understanding among the loyal and lasting clients in the market.

Recognition to Product’s Quality

Most of the clients connects the product/ service’s quality with the brand name  which helps in attracting new clients as they can distinguish the quality of a product by the logo.

Protection for 10 Years at low cost

Online Trademark registration cost is very low. You need to just pay the protection cost and renewal cost which is valid for 10 years. It is cost-effective and enables you to emerge as a brand out of the league.

Differentiates Product

It makes easy for clients to discover your product as it enables your product/ service unique. The logo conveys your vision, quality or an attribute for your business.

Asset Creation

Trademark creates an Intellectual Property for the business. Enrolled trademark is like an asset which can be assigned, sold, franchised or economically contracted. Also, the Trademark is an intangible asset which gives the benefit.

Global Trademark Registration

If one needs trademark registration outside India, the trademark already registered in India can be used as a premise of enrollment there as the applicant can furnish a decent base along with the established Goodwill in the India.

What's Next ?

Documents Required

This is all we need from you


Few doubts important to be resolved quickly

No. We can apply for Trademark registration online. So, we do not need your physical presence during the registration process. All we need is your required documents.

There are 45 classes under which goods and services has been classified . Your Trademark Registration application must includes one or more trademark class of goods and services. The trademark must be registered only under that classes.

We hardly take 2 working days for your provisional trademark registration. After that, you receive an acknowledgement, which enables you to use the ™ symbol. Once it’s registered, you can use the ® symbol with your logo.

It entirely depends on the government’s judgement. But if it is unique, there are high chances that it will be allotted.

You can’t get that name trademarked. But there is a way out, you can design a unique logo for your organization and include your business name in it. A prefix would also be allowed. This is called as logo composite mark, but it is better to go for a unique name.

If someone has already registered your trademark but under a different class, then you’re still lucky, unless the brand is too reputed like that of McDonald’s or Audi, your registration is likely to be approved.

Those trademark applications which are identical or similar to an existing trademark. A trademark which may lead to deception, confusion or is offensive can not be registered. Common names, geographical names, common abbreviation and common trade words can not be registered as well.

No, if trademark is registered in India, then it will be valid in India only. One advantage is that some countries uses the trademark registered in India as a basis for the trademark registration in their country.

Validity of a Registered trademarks is for 10 years from date of registration. It is recommended to renew the trademark registration prior to end of the validity to keep their brand protected from copycats.

Yes, it is possible. Many start-ups register a trademark in their own name.

Trademark Registration Procedure

More simple than it looks!

Trademark Search

First, we search for the desired name or logo  to confirm that your unique trademark is available. Once confirmed, we will send you an authorization letter to authorize our lawyers to file application on your behalf.


Trademark Application

Second step is to file your trademark registration application with all required documents and details. Under the trademark registration process, it is important to fill the application with the prescribed fee.


Trademark Application

Trademark will be registered after the completion of all the previous steps. Registration can be approved only if no opposed against the trademark.The trademark registration application will proceed further.



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6999/- (having MSME Registration)
  • Registration within 2 days
  • TM Acknowledgement e-copy
  • DSC


7499/- (all inclusive)
  • Registration within 3 days
  • TM Acknowledgement
  • MSME Registration
  • Home Delivery of all certificates


14999/- (all inclusive)
  • All Platinum Features included
  • Beautiful Informative Website
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