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What is DIN?

Online DIN Registration in India at just Rs. 2999/-

Director Identification Number abbreviated as DIN number, as the name suggests, is a unique number that is provided by the MCA department for identifying and distinguishing an individual who intends to become a director in a business entity be it Private Limited Company Registration, Public Limited Company Registration, LLP Registration, Section 8 NGO registration, etc.

DIN number or Directors Identification Number is a unique 8-digit numeric code that serves as a proof that the provided individual is a Director of a company legally. A DIN number is assigned only once to an individual. Through this DIN, he/she is eligible to become director in multiple companies. Hence, having multiple DIN number is not required. Through Directors DIN number, the details or record of directors are maintained in the database of MCA department.


How to get DIN registration

For New Company Registration- If an individual wants to open a company, then the DIN number of upto 3 directors can be applied during the company registration process through SPICe+ Form submitted during incorporation process.

Add as a Director in Existing company- If an individual wants to add as a director in a business entity that is already registered, then his/her DIN number registration can be done via DIR-3 Form.


Director Identification Number validity

The Director Identification Number once allotted, has lifetime validity. Thus, there is no requirement for reactivation or renewal of DIN Number. However, the MCA department can deactivate or disqualify the DIN number of a director if that individual is in violation of any law or any guidelines prescribed by the department. DIN can also be deactivated incase of Non filing of DIR-3 KYC every year.


Director Identification Number Search

Applying for Director DIN Number is an easy process for professionals like Vakilgiri Legals. There are 3 forms that are associated with the application of Director Identification Number for directors, these are:



DIR-3 Form

DIN Number allotment to an individual

DIR-3C Form

Intimation of Director Identification number by the company to RoC.

DIR-5 Form

For surrendering of DIN to the department

DIR-6 Form

For any change in information in DIN registration.

Let us now understand the importance and utilities of the above mentioned forms for Director DIN application process:

SPICe Form

The application for allotment of DIN ( Director Identification Number ) for the directors who wants to start a new venture can be completed by providing information and required attachments with the SPICe Form that is submitted at the time of company’s incorporation process.

The Proof of Identity and address proof of the proposed directors needs to be attached with the SPICe Form.  the Director DIN number is allocated once the company registration is approved.

DIR-6 Form

For a director wanting to change any information in his/her already registered DIN number, a form needs to be filed with the MCA department mentioning the details through DIR-6 form.

Along with the DIR-6 form, supporting documents of the changed information needs to be attached while uploading the form on the MCA portal.

DIR-3 Form

For an individual intending to become the director of a company that is already registered with the MCA department, the Directors Identification number is allotted after filing an eform named DIR-3 Form.

The above mentioned documents are required for filing DIN application online through DIR-3 form. The documents needs to be attested from a certified CA, CS, or a Cost Accountant.

After uploading the related documents with the DIR-3 Form, the applicant is required to pay a nominal DIN application fees. Once the application fee for Director Identification Number is submitted, a DIN number is allotted by the department on the same day. In case of rejection of the Directors DIN application, the applicant will be notified on their registered email id mentioning the reason for rejection. Once the rectification is done, the DIN number will be allotted to the individual once the application is approved.

It is to be noted that, once a DIN number is allotted by the department, the director is required to provide information to all the companies where he is acting a director. Within the time span of 15 days (from the date on which director has provided the details to the company), the company is required to intimate the Registrar of Companies about this DIN number, failure of which can cause into penalties.


How to apply for DIN registration

Reason for Directors DIN cancellation

Why is DIN cancelled?

The MCA Department can cancel the Directors DIN number if any of the following conditions are met. So, it is advised to avoid these points in case of DIN number registration.

1- If a duplicate Director Identification Number (DIN) has been issued to the director.

2- If the information provided during the DIN Number application is wrong or incorrect.

3- In case of death of that individual holding the DIN.

4- If an individual has been declared having unsound mind by the court.

5- If that individual has been adjudicated as insolvent by the authority.

Surrendering of DIN

Steps to surrender a DIN

DIN number is active for lifetime. However, if any individual wishes to surrender the DIN due to any reason, it can be done by filing DIR-5 form online to the MCA department. The director needs to submit a declaration that his/her DIN number has never been associated with any company meaning that person has never been a director of any company and his/her DIN has not been used for filing any document online with any authority. After verifying all the e-records, the department can deactivate the DIN number allotted to that individual.

Key Points to Remember:

1- DIN Number cannot be surrendered if that individual has been appointed as a director in any company as per the Companies Act, 2013.

2- In case the person holding a DIN number has filed a document using the DIN online at any authority.

3- Even if the company is not working or that person is no longer a director in any company, the surrendering of DIN is not applicable.


Few doubts about Director Identification in Company Law

Once a DIN number is allotted to an individual, it is mandatory to compete a KYC by filing DIR-3 KYC form to the department. In case of non-filing of DIR-3 KYC form, the DIN is deactivated and a penalty of INR 5000 will be charged for re-activation.

Every year, some compliances must be completed for a company. Incase of non-compliance for three consecutive years, the DIN registration status of all the associated directors is marked as disqualified and that individual gets blacklisted for the next 5 years. Meaning, he/she can not become a directorin any company during that tenure.

Yes, you can. Any change can be done in DIN registration by filing DIR-6 form online to the MCA portal.

No, once the DIN number is allotted to an individual, it is valid for lifetime. However, Directors KYC must be completed each year to prevent it from getting deactivated.



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