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Digital Signature Certificate & Its benefits



A digital signature is a mark that is created with the help of computers. It can also be called an electronic fingerprint of a person. A DSC helps in authenticating the personal details of an individual whose digital signature is being used online. The Certifying authorities can validate the identity of a person through a digital signature certificate (DSC signature) in his name. Key encryption by computers helps in creating the digital signature of an individual. Digital signature certificates contain information about the individual’s name, residence, email, and date of certificate issuing. Digital signature certificates are nowadays being used by various government agencies and departments. With the increase in office work being done online, the digital signature certificate has become a mandatory requirement in some issues including tender applications. These digital signature certificates online are licensed by various certified authorities under the Indian IT Act 2000 by CCA. With India’s marching forward in the direction of digitalization,  many business services have discovered the immense importance of digital signature certificates in today’s rapidly digitalizing world.

It is important to note that from December 2020, the use of Class 2 Digital signatures has become obsolete and if you want a company registration in India, Class 3 DSC or Digital Signature Certificates will be used. All the e-filings for ITRs or Annual Compliances will be done via Class 3 DSC only. The process of DSC registration online stands the same. Only the DSC price is increased a little bit.


Getting a digital signature certificate is a very easy process. The first step to apply for a digital signature certificate online is to submit an application form regarding your digital signature to the concerned certified agency or digital signature certificate provider agency. In addition to that, some documents are required for class 3 DSC registration like your name, address proof, and photo ID proof needs to be submitted.  After the cross-checking of all your information, a digital signature certificate will be licensed in your name. These digital signature certificates are only valid for a period of one or two years and after that, you have to renew the digital certificate to use them again. Digital signature certificates of validity of up to 3 years can also be bought through some agencies. An individual can also sign up for two different digital signature certificates.  One can be used for official purposes and the other can be used for some personal purpose.

With the help of a Digital Signature Certificate Provider, the process of DSC online registration can be completed within a day.


There are numerous benefits of a DSC online registration. They are helpful in authenticating very specific information of the person concerned when identifying oneself online.

1. DSC Signature are Cost-Effective :

Digital certificates are very cost-effective. If you want to sign any document and you have a certified digital signature certificate, you can easily digitally sign any PDF files related to the document and send them via Email or WhatsApp.  This will reduce the cost of sending hard copies physically by post or fax or even scanning them just by using your digital signatures.

2. DSC Certificates ensures Safety :

Owning a digital signature certificate can make your data safe and secure as the PDF files of the documents that will be signed digitally can never be altered or edited in any condition. By this, Data integrity will be maintained successfully. Security of an individual’s signature is a priority. Digital signatures are always valid, safe, and authentic.

3. DSC Registration online is a Time Saver :

Digital signature certificates help in saving one’s time.  Documents can be easily sent in PDF format via email to the concerned people.  these documents then can easily be digitally signed within a few minutes.  business meetings or official meetings can be closed directly and without tiresome activities with the help of digital signatures. An individual can easily sign any documents within the comfort of their own personal space without having to go to an office especially.

4. Digital Signature Certificates are Eco-Friendly :

Due to the increase in climate change, it is the need of the earth to switch to environment-friendly ways. Digital signature certificate registration online is a big game-changer in this. As DSC registration online, allow any individual to sign documents online that is, without using any paper, ultimately contributing to save the environment by using less paper.

Among the above-mentioned benefits or advantages of a DSC registration online, it is important to add that the process of online company registration in India has become faster and more efficient. It is mandatory to have a Class 3 DSC Signature Certificate for Section 8 Company Registration Online, Private Limited Company Registration Online, Nidhi Company Registration Online, Microfinance Section 8 Company Registration Online, Sole Proprietorship Registration Online, One Person Company Registration online, or any other business legal structure or entity.

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Paula Williams
Paula Williams
1 year ago

A good blog that gives the details on the benefits of digital signature, which covers all.

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